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KOS Wearable

 KOSTechnology Fatigue Management Systems Wearable

Product Summary

KOS wearable is a revolutionary, real - time drowsiness alert system. KOS wearable detects the drowsiness level of its users by monitoring the heart rate - a direct indicator of drowsiness. The wearable uses a unique formula and patented algorithm to detect manifestations of drowsiness before a scenario becomes a threatening hazard. The KOS wearable alerts its users through vibration and audio alert. KOS wearable provides real time drowsiness state and GPS location of its users which are transferred directly to a 3rd party as a live notification of actual risk. Through ongoing data collection and a set of algorithms developed by leading fatigue management experts, KOS Software evaluates patterns of drowsiness and fatigue levels to improve the scheduling and performance of organizations and their employees.

In the war on fatigue and drowsiness the first line of defense is the individual. The individual must be empowered with the knowledge of fatigue causing events and armed with tools and techniques to aid them in the battle. KOSTechnology Training Systems offers a full line of customizable training to aid the individual in recognizing fatigue causing activities and tools and techniques to improve the odds of safe and efficient performance on the job.

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