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We've all heard the horror stories of highway, railroad and marine transportation accidents related to fatigue in the news. Many industries have responded with complete fatigue risk management systems to counteract the ravages of fatigue caused accidents. We spend millions of dollars on these programs every year and yet fatigue caused accidents still occur. Why is this? Predictive models can take us only so far. There has to be real-time tools and techniques that we can use – better yet, real-time monitoring and intervention. This is how KOS Wearable and KOSTechnology Fatigue Training Systems can help.

In the war on fatigue and drowsiness the first line of defense is the individual. The individual must be empowered with the knowledge of fatigue causing events and armed with tools and techniques to aid them in the battle. KOSTechnology Training Systems offers a full line of customizable training to aid the individual in recognizing fatigue causing activities and tools and techniques to improve the odds of safe and efficient performance on the job.

In addition, KOSTechnology offers the KOS Wearable along with other intervention devices to act as a real-time awareness and alerting systems. The devices are calibrated to the individual and have many features that can integrate into your existing fatigue risk management program. Contact KOSTechnology for more information on how we can aid your company with real-time monitoring and alerting.

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Asleep at the wheel