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When it comes to sleep and fatigue, we are all at war! The Companies that we work for can only do so much to prepare us for our daily work routine. New estimations show that there is over $31 Billion dollars lost annually to employee on the job fatigue. The battle to get proper rest and manage our busy lives is a personal one. Knowledge is the key to success in the battles we face in this war on fatigue/drowsiness and real-time intervention final line of defense.

Fatigued employees are up to fifty times more likely to make mistakes, possibly fatal. Whether it is a long-haul truck driver, a security guard at a bank, a soldier on overnight watch, an international pilot, or a shift worker - individuals must take personal responsibility for insuring they arrive on the job site rested and prepared. This means that the individual must possess understanding and knowledge of what it takes to be rested and prepared. This is where KOSTechnology Fatigue Training takes action. We offer the most innovative training available in the arena of fatigue awareness and readiness.



Our Solution

To be fully prepared, KOSTechnology offers the KOS Wearable monitoring and alerting system. This is known as an integrated approach to fatigue and sleep awareness. Our technology, software and training will equip employers and employees with advanced fatigue risk management tools based on real-time accuracy only KOSTechnology can provide.


Training and Certification

To complement the KOS Wearable, KOSTechnology offers training to ensure each employee is empowered with the knowledge to act responsibly with a complete understanding of fatigue risk management and how to use the KOS Wearable to reinforce safety on the road or on the job.

Modes of Training

Training Topics

KOSTechnology offers a full range of fatigue learning courses. Here is just a sampling of what we have to offer.

Data and scheduling

The KOS Wearable provides real-time data and fatigue reports on each employee daily, weekly, and monthly. From KOS data, the KOSTech APP makes scheduling recommendations based on employee fatigue patterns. Managers can look at the data for each individual or the workforce as a whole to make strategic decisions about employee shifts and scheduling. Use the KOSTech APP to create a safer and more efficient workforce, as well as, minimize the risk of using older fatigue management methods. KOSTechnology is the leading innovator in fatigue risk management systems.

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